McConkey: Chapter 2

This chapter is not too vigorous, but I will definitely have to refer back to it if I want to download Spyder or PyCharm down the line.

Chapter 2 focuses on the various Python editors and what makes each one unique. A Python editor, otherwise known as integrated development environments (IDEs) is used to write, test, and fix code. Python comes with a built-in editor known as IDLE, but Spyder and PyCharm are also recommended IDEs that must be installed separately. This chapter explains how to open and make a shortcut for IDLE as well as directions for installing Spyder and PyCharm, which require some extra steps. The editors may look different but the code works for all of them in the same way. In other words, you do not need to change how you write your code when using another editor. Both Spyder and Python are free and are cross-platform, so they will work on different computer systems. In summary, Spyder is easier to use, but PyCharm has more features within the user interface. (PyCharm also has an optional dark theme.)