Dogs of Sturges: Oosk and Piper Butcher

We’re all feeling a bit stressed with midterms right around the corner, so we at The Sturges Script figured a few posts about one of the Scholars’ favorite stress relievers–dogs–may be helpful!

So, meet Professor Butcher’s dogs, Oosk and Piper! Oosk is 3 years old and was rescued from a hoarder in Columbus. Her original name was “Louisiana,” and she was 1 of 11 in her litter. Oosk can sit, spin, lie down, high-five, and kiss (it helps if she’s being bribed with baby carrots or mini-cookies). Her wardrobe includes multiple sweaters, skunk/banana split sundae/Chewbaca costumes, and a taco suit, which she dons every Finals Week for Taco Timeout in Beeghly Library at midnight, sponsored by the Chaplain’s Office. As a puppy, she once pooped in the heater grate, thinking “out of sight, out of mind.” She loves coming to campus for “Office/Oosker Hours.”

Piper, Oosk’s little sister, was rescued as a stray outside a shelter in Kentucky. She was predicted as a Border Collie/Blue Heeler/Jack Russell mix, but is instead 50% Chihuahua with hints of German Spitz and Chow-Chow. She can sit, spin, high-five, and army crawl closer to your face when she is most in need of a cuddle, and is surprisingly ferocious when confronted with a dog who is not her sister or best friend. Some might say she looks like an English professor herself when dressed in her best argyle.

Happy almost-mid-semester break, Scholars!

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