Seniors of Sturges: Part Three

We at The Sturges Script couldn’t be prouder of this year’s Seniors of Sturges, and want to extend our warmest congratulations on their academic accomplishments and future plans! Today, we’ll be recognizing some of our wonderful English minors!

Zoe Sares: I have had such an amazing experience through the OWU English department and I am sad to be leaving it.  I didn’t discover the wonderful department until my sophomore year, but I fell in love with the professors and courses and took up English as a minor to pair with my Zoology major.  Despite my plans to pursue a career in the zoology field, I will continue to incorporate reading and writing creative non-fiction into my life. After graduation I will be moving back home to Denver, Colorado and with luck, be working at either a wildlife center or zoo.  My passion is in conservation education as well as animal training, but I also hope to travel and work at a rescue and rehabilitation wildlife center for a period of time. I’m ready and eager for this next chapter of my life, and I can’t thank OWU enough for setting me up for success.

Gabi Coty: Gabi Coty is an Early Childhood Education major with an English and Psychology double minor. Gabi has been a member of the field hockey team for four years, the honors program, and a member of the Sexuality and Gender Equality house for one year. After graduation, Gabi plans to move back to Michigan to teach elementary school and coach high school field hockey on the side. Gabi has made so many wonderful friends and connections while at OWU, whom she will miss. Gabi would like to thank her family, friends, mentor teachers, and professors for being so supportive and helping her get to where she is today! She is grateful for her English minor, as the English courses at OWU are so interesting and enjoyable. Gabi has used her literature knowledge in her teaching and cannot wait to continue to do so.

Erin Fannin: Erin Fannin is a Theatre and Classics double major with a minor in English. She grew up in Goshen, Ohio. She spent her fours years here at Ohio Wesleyan working both onstage and backstage in the theatre, as well as studying Ancient Greece and Rome, which culminated in a trip abroad. Abroad she visited Rome, Pompeii, Florence, and many other historical sites that she had only ever read about in books. All through this her English minor has helped her to collect her thoughts and present them in an articulate way, culminating in a successful written grant among other research papers. She is sad to be leaving, but hopes to continue to learn as she searches for a job in the Theatre scene and Classics.

Izzy Sommerdorf: Izzy Sommerdorf is a English minor and a Zoology major from Lakeville, Minnesota. She has lived in the Citizens of the World house for three years and is sad to be leaving her Ohio home. She is incredibly thankful to the Ohio Wesleyan English department for helping her to delve into topics of post-colonialism and how literature can be used to approach important discussions in relation to both historical and current events. Izzy intends to pursue a career working in an animal rescue center, and hopes to spend her newly obtained free time catching up on reading and on picking up the hobby of birding.

Courtney Carmichael: My time spent as an English minor has been both challenging and rewarding. Over the past 4 years, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to meet and chat with professional writers from all around the country. My English classes have been with some of the wisest and most introspective professors on campus that have challenged my perspective on media consumption inside and outside of the classroom. I’ve also learned a great deal about myself and my internal growth has been a direct result of the vibrant class discussions my professors have created space for. As I move on onto the next chapter of my life, I will take these instrumental life lessons with me and never forget the important advice and knowledge that was shared with me throughout my OWU journey.

Clara Ellis: During my four years at Ohio Wesleyan, I’ve been lucky enough to have the chance to pursue a minor in English in addition to my other degrees. The English language has been something I have always been passionate about and I’m excited to put what I’ve learned to use as I pursue a career in marketing and promotion.

Alexandra Lesser: The English minor at Ohio Wesleyan has allowed me to grow and develop in both my academic and professional careers. Being able to apply lessons learned in my English courses helped me to excel in my other classes, particularly in my Political Science major. As a graduating senior looking back at my time at this university, I am more than happy and satisfied with all of the classes I was able to take in the English subject and confident that the skills I learned will carry me far into my professional life. My post-graduate plans of working in the political science field are made easier by the skills and lessons given to me by the English department. As much as I will miss Ohio Wesleyan, choosing English as my minor helps me to look back on my time here fondly.

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