Dancing for Change Radio

You might still hear the Dancing for Change radio show on OWU Radio The Line. This internet-only music program airs Monday evenings at 9:00 PM Eastern (fall of 2020) and plays upbeat tracks promoting peace, justice, and sustainability, plus love, compassion, and other things necessary to achieve such ideals. It also aims to have fun and share music from many genres and over several generations.

The Dancing for Change radio show was scheduled to resume weekly broadcast this evening at 9:00 PM, but I spent the entire time (and more) troubleshooting the network connection on the studio PC.

We’ll try again next week, Thursday at 9:00.

Dancing with every step…

  A show in the midst of marches: people marching for truth and science, people marching for the air they breath and the ground we walk on. Last Saturday was Earth Day, and people around the world marched for science and the value of reproducible evidence. This coming Saturday is […]