Now is the time to Give Peace a Dance!

Listening to India.Arie‘s latest, SongVersation: Medicine, amid news of continued demonstrations and rallies for a more tolerant United States of America, I’m reminded of the healing power of music. We all need to give peace a dance!

Earthdance Ohio 2017 is now just five weeks away! The line-up is shaping up to be a bit leaner than in years past, but no less significant. Dancers from Ohio Wesleyan University and R.B. Hayes High School will be returning, along with Israeli Folk Dancers from OSU, DJ Dave Lever, and a long session of Dances of Universal Peace. We hope you will join us.

Please let us know if you’d like to help out.

Also, with fall classes starting this coming Wednesday, the OWU Radio station should be starting back up again, and Dancing for Change can return to the internet airwaves.

Peace, Peace, Peace

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