Emily A. Howald

What’s Dancing for Change?

  Dancing for Change is a weekly radio show on OWU Radio: The Line, hosted by Earthdance Ohio producer, David Soliday. This internet-only music program airs Thursday evenings at 9:00 PM Eastern (this fall semester) and plays upbeat tracks promoting peace, justice, and sustainability–plus love, compassion, and other things necessary […]

The logo for the Dancing for Change radio show

How to Get Here

The address for Hamilton-Williams Campus Center is 61 S. Sandusky Street. The actual parking for the building is on the north side of the building off of Spring Street. The event is inside in the Benes room and on the walk in front of the campus center called the Jaywalk.

Special Peace Event Sept. 21

Love without power is ineffective. Power without love is brutality. Conflict and injustice are commonly approached as mental, emotional, spiritual, political, cultural and historical in nature. However, the body’s responses are crucial and often ignored. When people are threatened or hurt, they naturally go into fight/flight physiology, but this will […]

Earthdance Peace Prayer

Earthdance Peace Prayer

Excitement for Earthdance

As a student at Ohio Wesleyan University, my interest with Earthdance has been short lived. By this, I mean I only found out about it from a poster last year. I excitedly attended the event with my mother during family weekend at the university. Unfortunately my father did not join. […]