We just completed the migration of this website to its new server, where you’ll notice a lock now in front of its address in your browser’s address bar. (Some browsers even say, “Secure”.)

If you use a bookmark or a favorite to get here, it’s best to update its address to include the “S” in https://earthdanceohio.org. It’s OK if you don’t, as the new server will automatically add it. More info on HTTPS and why it’s important.

The new server is also more robust than the old one, so these pages should load faster. (The OWU Radio website recently moved to the same server.)

Keep Dancing!

Pardon the dust…

Our website has been through some bumps going from its previous theme to what you see now. We hope you like it! Tell us what you think. We’re also in the process of starting up planning meetings. If you’re interested in helping out in any way, please let us know […]