Earthdance Peace Prayer

Excitement for Earthdance

As a student at Ohio Wesleyan University, my interest with Earthdance has been short lived. By this, I mean I only found out about it from a poster last year. I excitedly attended the event with my mother during family weekend at the university. Unfortunately my father did not join. Instead, he laughed at the idea, telling me I was just a silly peace loving hippie. His comments possibly fueled me more.

Though the idea of coming together to dance for the cause of peace seems ridiculous to some, the experience was a pleasing one for me. Music and the reactive movements we call dance are shared universally. People have been finding enjoyment in music and dance throughout history. Music has a way a moving a person in so many intriguing ways. Earthdance Ohio was an experience of learning and sharing. I stood with a group of strangers learning the steps to a folk dance. By the end we all circled the floor with happy movements and smiles.

My interest lies in both the promotion of local nonprofits working towards peace but also in the social experience. I can’t wait to be further involved and to gather friends and acquaintances and strangers to share in this experience.

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