Movies to watch if you desperately want to travel (but can’t)

In the utter chaos of the world we live in right now, traveling has ceased–for the moment, at least–to be an option. Though we know it is the responsible thing, and not getting in a plane somewhere is the least we can do for our fellow humans, the longing for travel and exploration won’t simply fade away.

The English Department’s student-run blog, The Sturges Script, is pleased to announce its theme for Fall 2020. This semester the blog will feature stories related to travel. In the era of COVID-19, what role does travel play in our real and imaginative lives? What types of travel are possible and where are you looking forward to traveling once restrictions are lifted?

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Tomes & Treasures: Cruikshank’s Comic Almanack

George Cruikshank was a 19th century British caricaturist best known for illustrating his friend Charles Dickens’s novels, such as Oliver Twist. One of the more interesting (and amusing) of his works that we have in the library, though, is his Comic Almanack. A little bit like the The Onion today, it contained cartoons and sociopolitical satire.