We’re Back!

The English Department’s student-run blog, The Sturges Script, is pleased to announce its theme for Fall 2021: A Love Letter to Art. This semester the blog will focus on paying homage to art in its every form–from literature, to music, to film, to the visual arts and absolutely everything in between.

Love, Time, and Travel in the ‘Before’ Trilogy

Richard Linklater’s Before trilogy is a collection of three movies–Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, and Before Midnight–that tell the love story of an American man, Jesse, and a French woman, Celine, throughout eighteen years of their lives and through beautiful locations across the world. The movies are distinctive for being almost exclusively made up of dialogue between the two protagonists, as well as for the breathtaking backgrounds to these conversations: Vienna, Paris, and Pylos.

What it feels like to be lost in translation

The reason I had never watched Sofia Coppola’s Lost in Translation is excruciatingly ironic: in its translation to my first language, Portuguese, the movie’s title was just plain boring. “Encounters and mismatches” (my closest translation of a bad translation) never really caught my eye. But, mostly because of quarantine boredom, I came across it on a nightly Netflix scroll and didn’t see a good reason not to click on it.

Traveling The Trail by Sarah Gielink (’20)

Earlier this month, I hiked 8+ miles by myself through the Cleveland MetroParks. I had only planned on taking one trail, but was enjoying myself so much that I took another connecting route and made a longer loop back to where I had parked my car at the trailhead. It was just before peak color for the season, and between the colorful leaves, fresh autumn air, and smell of the outdoors, I felt far more refreshed than I had felt in a long time.

Giovanni’s Room is a story about homesickness – and it makes you feel right at home

The time when I read Giovanni’s Room, an extraordinary novella by the even more extraordinary James Baldwin, could have been the worst possible moment – but, surprisingly, it might have turned out to be the best. I was living through my very first real winter – all the previous eighteen had been a collection of only slightly chillier and less rainy summer days, as every winter is in Rio de Janeiro.


An aluminum vehicle that is able to fly by gaining support from the air–this is what the word plane used to mean to me. I thought about them when one flew above me in the blue summer sky, a tiny greyish shape that inevitably leads anyone with a fertile imagination to indulge in a thousand theories about who the strangers in the sky are, where are they coming from and where they are going, and why it is I will never meet them.…