What We’re Into: Therapy Thoughts

Mental health has never been a bigger topic than it is right now. Despite this, some college students still struggle to seek counseling or other necessary resources. While maintaining mental wellness can feel difficult for every college student in the depths of a hectic college life, those who are navigating mental illness often feel as though it is impossible. Therapy Thoughts, a podcast by Tiffany Roe, serves as a valuable resource for students seeking to improve, maintain, or learn more about mental health. Tiffany Roe is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in the state of Utah and an award-winning psychology teacher. In episodes of roughly twenty to fifty minutes, she speaks on many mental health challenges in an educationally oriented manner and provides the listener with practical tools and advice for improvement. She discusses topics such as intuitive eating, processing trauma, relationships and sex, and identity. In addition, she also addresses specific mental health diagnoses. Despite the serious subject, Roe hosts her podcast in a lighthearted, cheerful, and supportive tone that encourages hope and growth for her listeners. Roe notes that her advice is not specific to the listener and she encourages everyone to seek an individual therapist. The next time mental health comes to mind, whether you are just curious or looking to improve yourself, consider listening to the skills and advice Roe offers through Therapy Thoughts!

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