What We’re Into: Arnold’s Pump Club

With the number of classes, assignments, and responsibilities that many college students face, staying in shape and expanding our knowledge of health and fitness can feel overwhelming. While many student athletes find counsel from coaches or teammates, students like myself, who don’t play a sport but simply want to improve their health, can easily feel lost without a guide in the vast world of health and fitness. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s podcast, Arnold’s Pump Club, simplifies health and fitness through providing valuable, research-backed information in bite-sized episodes. Schwarzenegger himself hosts the daily podcast that aims to share three health and fitness tips in only five minutes. He explores topics such as “The Natural Headache Cure’,” “Can Red Meat Help Prevent Diabetes?” and “Will Lifting Heavy Weight Harm Your Heart?” Not only does he explore information specific to fitness communities, but he also focuses on overall wellness and incorporates conversations around mental health and lifestyle with a touch of tough love. This brief, yet educational and motivational, podcast is a great choice while walking to class or waiting in line for lunch. You can find it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Podplay. 

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