Restoration Options

Restoration via Stream Banking/Mitigation

It may be possible to use credits generated by restoration to in essence finance the restoration. This includes a range of options below. All probably include adding additional stream restoration to the effort, in particular simpler projects to extend the length of stream restored. This could include the various waterways on OWU’s campus along Wilmer St. and behind OWU’s tennis courts.

Review of site by Vincent Messerly (2017)
Stream + Wetlands Foundation
Lancaster, OH 53130

1. Mitigation Bank Establishment: restore, get credits, sell credits
• need money for restoration before project starts

2. In-Lieu Fee Program: sell credits, restore
• have money before project starts
• but cannot get more funds if project costs more than anticipated

3. Permittee responsible mitigation project: restore, get credits
• organization that needs offset funds this project, gets offset credits

Restoration Options of key segments of the City of Delaware owned properties along Delaware Run.

This is part of a larger parkway greenway effort being explored by the city of Delaware Parks department. Click below for the general plan PDF. Detailed ideas follow.

The confluence of Delaware Run and Olentangy River:

Blue Limestone Park:

Hidden Valley Golf Course: