J.R. Ailes, a pastor at Delaware City Vineyard, explains the different levels of help that can be offered. He helps run Delaware City Vineyard’s bimonthly FEED event which is an opportunity for anyone in the community to get free groceries, a meal and receive  prayer if desired.

Ailes was a part of the Delaware Police Department for seven years before working for Delaware City Vineyard.  He has had a variety of interactions with the homeless as a part of the force and as a member of his church, respectively. He said he “was called to the position he is in now”.

Outreach in Delaware

Outreach is an act of extending services and benefits to wider section of the population, as in community work.   

Outreach helps both people who are living on the streets to those with low income.  Although Delaware may not have an emergency shelter, its resources are abundant.

All of the organizations in Delaware fall under one of two categories.  Long term versus short term help.  Organizations like FEED (a food panty) and Common Ground Free Store (a free clothing store) are both examples of short term help.  Those are relief services that will satisfy one need at a time.

Organizations like Salvation Army, Family Promise, the Women’s City Club are organizations that provide long term aid, such as housing and techniques that teach people how to get back on their feet to be independent.

Another type of service many organizations provide is a service- based or product- based organization.  FEED, Common Ground Free Store are both extending material resources, while the Salvation Army and Family Promise are providing services to get people housed and providing people with the resources they need to be self sufficient.