Lessons Learned

When we started this project we had no idea what what we were getting into, which turned out to be a common theme along the way.

But we are glad we got to bring this issue to light. Several counties, like Delaware, are facing this issue.

Courtney talks with women at Family Promise
Courtney talks with women at Family Promise

We soon discovered that much of what happens in the world of the homeless remains behind the scenes, if not invisible to surrounding residents.

We have had the opportunity to meet and talk with many of the organizations that offer help in Delaware, yet there are still so many that we didn’t meet.  All of these organizations are doing great things to help the homeless individuals, but we have noticed a lack of housing resources.

Seeing this issue grow and develop in a rural area has been different than homeless situation we had imagined.  We knew coming in that there was a problem, but we had no idea the depth of the issue.

Often, when you see stereotypical homeless individuals (those who are on the street) you have two options: give a little cash or keep walking.

Not only were we not dealing with that stereotype but we also did not have the option of walking away.

Each interview we conducted lasted anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

There were hurdles. We had to learn how to shoot video, record audio, take photos and edit. With the help of others, we bridged those barriers.

It was difficult to investigating a topic so close to home.  Being students at the university became even more difficult when we learned that some homeless individuals sometimes sleep near campus.

We hope to continue expanding on this project and to add a “Resources” tab for those who may benefit from it.