The 2023 OWU SMC brought featured over 200 campers in an array of ensembles, styles, and fun. Check out all the videos, slideshows, and programs from our latest camp!

2023 Camp Kickoff Concert (Drumline & Rock Bands)

2023 Grand Finale Concert: String Ensembles & Chamber Strings

2023 Grand Finale Concert: Jazz Bands & Concert Bands

2023 Grand Finale Concert: Music Theater Scenes & Camp Chorus

Previous Years

2022 Elective Ensembles Grand Finale Concert

2022 Large Ensembles Grand Finale Concert

2019 Grand Finale Concert

What Our Campers Are Saying

  • “I would describe this place as a fun place where you can really sing out. I walked in with no friends and left with 11 more.”
  • “Our director really knows her stuff! The camp staff were so nice and helped you with whatever you individually needed.”
  • “Rehearsals are very productive. Sectionals were a big help and the little chill time is nice.”
  • “Everyone was very nice and I liked meeting kids from other schools.”
  • “My private lesson experience was great and I learned a lot of new skills.”

What Parents Are Saying

  • “Hearing how (my child) connected to his fellow musicians was maybe the most meaningful part to me. I know he’ll go back to orchestra in the fall a stronger musician.”
  • “Great group. (My child) felt comfortable with the staff. She has done a music camp before and she liked the relaxed feel of OWU’s camp that was not so strict, felt more friendly and fun.”
  • “Great experience. I feel the thought that went into the organization of the camp went very well. The group sounded great at the concert!”
  • “Very helpful. Felt like I could always ask questions and the staff was very knowledgeable.”
  • “We’ll be back next year!”

What Our Staff Are Saying

  • “I loved how encouraging and supportive everyone was and just willing to do whatever it took to make a great camp experience.”
  • “I learned so much and wish the week could have been longer. I’m really looking forward to expanding the camp. So are a lot of the kids!!”
  • “Overall, I had a great time at camp, and I learned a lot about music education. I also really appreciated the opportunity to gain experience teaching kids in sectionals.”
  • “The camp concert was the best program I’ve ever seen in all my years at OWU!”