Nominations have closed for this event.

ONLY MUSIC TEACHERS may submit the nomination form and they may nominate up to 10 students from their band, choir, or private studio program.


1. Only Music Teachers should complete the nomination form AFTER CONFIRMING that the listed students are committed to participating in this event and have parental permission to do so.

2. Each teacher may nominate up to 10 students from their school. If a choir director works at more than one school (e.g., a Middle and a High School), they should submit separate forms for up to 10 students from each school’s choir program.

3. Please list students in order of musicianship, ability, and effort. For example, Student #1 should be your top nominee.

To complete the nomination form, please have the following information ready to provide for each student:

  • Name
  • Grade
  • Student email
  • Primary Instrument or Voice
  • Musicianship (required): Distinctive accolades such as Solo & Ensemble performance awards or participation in other honor ensembles.
  • Effort (required): OWU seeks to involve students with a positive attitude and work ethic.
  • Unique Circumstances (optional): Sometimes life can be unfair especially when a child is faced with illness or tragedy. If you have a student in hardship whose participation in this festival would provide a life-changing opportunity, we’d like to help make this happen.

All nomination forms are confidential for OWU festival staff only.

Music teachers should verify in advance that all nominated students and their parents are interested and committed to participate in all music festival activities.

Teachers will be notified of acceptance via email by December 18, 2023 to allow them an opportunity to personally inform their students of acceptance. All teachers, parents, and students on the final ensemble rosters will be contacted by December 20, 2023 with permission forms and payment instructions as well as practice parts for their assigned honor ensemble.

Music teachers are the primary communicator to relay festival info to students and families! Many emails sent to parents or students end up fire-walled, junked, or sent to an incorrect address.