(The OWU High School Honor Band Festival nomination deadline is December, 20, 2019)

Band directors may nominate up to 10 students from their middle school band program by completing the online nomination form. Please list students in order of ability regardless of instrument and verify in advance with all nominated students and parents that they are interested, available, and committed to participate in all honor band festival activities.

NOTE:  Middle School band directors are invited to join us for the Band Director Boot Camp which runs concurrently with the OWU High School Honor Band Festival (February 13-15, 2020). Boot Camp fees are waived for any directors who nominate 10 students.

To complete the nomination form, please have the following information ready to provide for each student:

  • Name
  • Grade
  • Student email (personal non-school email address please)
  • Primary Instrument
  • Additional Instrument Specialties (e.g., piccolo, timpani)
  • Musicianship (required): Distinctive accolades such as Solo & Ensemble performance awards (including difficulty level) or participation in other honor bands.
  • Attitude (Likert scale required): OWU seeks to involve band students who display consistent effort, perseverance, and teamwork.
  • Unique Circumstances (optional): Sometimes life can be unfair especially when a child is faced with illness or tragedy. If you have a student in hardship whose participation in this honor band would provide a dramatically positive opportunity for them, we’d like to help make a difference in their life. If you wish, please offer insights on their unique situation.

All nomination forms are confidential for OWU festival staff only.

Directors, students, and parents will be notified about acceptance via email by Monday, December 2, 2019.

To facilitate directors as they gather information about their students, a PDF for Student Nominee Information is provided here to print and invite your students to provide their email, instrument specialities, and “Musicianship” information. NOTE: Attitude and Unique Circumstances are not included on the student version of the form.