Capri Pappas is part of the Ohio Wesleyan Class of 2020. She is a Medieval Studies major and is passionate about the pre-modern world. She has interests in an array of other subjects like East Asian culture and queer history, and she was elected¬†President of OWU’s PRIDE Club for the 2017-2018 school year. She is from Chicago, IL.

Jasen Klingaman is a Planetary Science & Women’s and Gender Studies double major from Louisville, Ohio and a member of the class of 2020. He was elected Vice President of OWU’s PRIDE Club for the 2017-2018 school year, is an intern at the Spectrum Resource Center, and has a commitment to social activism. He loves animals, music, and all things queer. You can find him around campus, undoubtedly rambling on about outer space.

Madison Vasel¬†is an Economics major and a member of the OWU class of 2020. Recently elected as PRIDE’s treasurer, she has major passions of queer matters, the economic state of the world, and video games. ¬†She can most often be found¬†trying to¬†commingle that trio of interests in any way possible.

Rory Gleeson. Class of 2020. Hobbies: Taking longs walks in the depths of the night and suffering for art. Career goals: To become the best new cryptid of the century, or to be abducted by aliens. Likes: Cats, dark fiction, and bread. Dislikes: Math, the unrelenting insignificance of life on earth in face of the looming void, and wearing shoes.

Emma Antal is a class of 2020 Theatre major and aspiring voice actor. She has been a theatre student since the fourth grade. When not literally inside a theatre, she can be found engaging in one of her other lifestyles, which include drawing, reading, D&D, and cartoons. Twice now, she has played a cloaked, ethereal morality figure who partially disrobes on an OWU stage, and she has no regrets.

Brandon Stevens¬†is a French and English double-major in the class of 2020 from Louisville, OH. He’s also very active in the Theatre department at OWU and is involved in too many clubs.¬† In the realm of non-queer literature, he loves the writings of Sylvia Plath and Charles Baudelaire.

Greg Margevicius serves as a Class Representative for the Class of 2020 to WCSA where he chairs the Academic Affairs committee, serves on the Honors Board and is currently a Portfolio Manager for the University’s Investment Club which oversees a $70,000 portfolio.