“The Rocky Mountains,” by Avery Newcom (’23)

The Rocky Mountains,

You are gripping in the way your flowers taste
and your wind hits. 

Your lush forests obtain a darkness
that can only be tamed by the melting sun. 

You are haunting as the whispers from the trees
 transcend to a birds song.

They tell me you are vast and dangerous
 and I believe them for I have seen your harsh nature,
 but where else could my song be sung the loudest.

They tell me you are isolated
and I agree for I have witnessed
the lonely souls that creep among you,
but where else does freedom reign and reflection simmer in your blood.

Your animals shriek with liveliness
and my trembling heart mirrors
their wild demonstrations of glory.

I bathe in your crystal waters and acquire visions of your religion;
ones of the mighty God of perseverance.

Your mountains are the kings of planets
I reside with you in all of life’s corners.

Escaping to you is my destiny. 


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