Bright lights, spinning wheels, ice cream at every corner, and more toys then your heart could desire. Children covered head to toe in unknown sticky substances, while drinking sugar water and shuffling through the dirt roads in awe of everything around them. What more could a kid ask for. The Delaware Fair was heaven on earth. In the distance, you can hear the small cries of children being told it’s time to go, to leave this magical fun and exciting place. Whereas for me I came in and was ready to leave. I was engulfed in the smell of onions, or was it armpit? I realized in that moment, as that thought ran through my head, “wow I’m old”. Now don’t get me wrong getting old isn’t a bad thing. I see it as a good thing. You are more experienced in this crazy thing called life. But it is important to look back to those days as a child with blue cotton candy covering your face and hands and the purple teddy bear your older brother won for you, and cherish those memories because they helped to mold you into the person you are today. #DontForgetYourPast

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