Rebecca Gerrish, Class of 2019

Favorite Authors, Genres, Periods, Interests?

One of my favorite all-around authors is Kurt Vonnegut. His wit and humor are so refreshing and his writing style is different than anything else I’ve read. My favorite book of his is Breakfast of Champions. One of my other favorite books is A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess. His use of invented slang desensitizes readers to violence throughout the book, and it really forces you to test your own moral compass.

What do you like most about being an English major?

What I like most about being and English major is that I have the opportunity to learn about different cultures, time periods, individuals, and anything that I have an interest in through books. I think being an English major has made me more empathetic towards people and has given me the ability to understand viewpoints and experiences that are vastly different from my own.

What has been your most exciting or transformative experience as a major thus far?

Something that I enjoyed a lot last year was reading The Winter’s Tale in class and then going to the movie theater to see the Kenneth Branagh Theater Company’s broadcast of it. It was great to see how the production differed from my initial interpretation of the play, having only read the text before.

Any advice for new or prospective English majors?

Follow your interests within the department, but also to take a couple classes that you are hesitant about. Sometimes you never know where your interests lie until you find them in a class you never imagined you would like!

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