A Tribute to Native Americans

This evening’s Dancing for Change radio show features nearly all songs by Native Americans, some traditional, some contemporary. I’m part of a spring break mission team heading to Pine Ridge Reservation in early March, and earlier this evening a student and I presented a short talk (with accompanying audio tracks) […]

the crying for justice wordcloud spray painted over black

Crying for Social Justice

Crying for the ongoing atrocities facing our ailing nation these days, our Dancing for Change radio show’s theme is ‘Crying for Social Justice’. As a nation, we could use a good hamblecha, a sincere vision quest. Here’s the run-down: The Ananda Project – Justice, Mercy – Ultra Chilled 04.2 – […]

Thanksgiving Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s a quick summary of last week’s radio show. The archived recording hasn’t yet been posted to the OWU Radio website, but it should be sometime next week. There was no show tonight (or any other shows this week) due to the holiday break. We hope you’re enjoying […]

A Native American teepee with the American Flag, along with the PBS show title, "We Shall Remain"