A Tribute to Native Americans

This evening’s Dancing for Change radio show features nearly all songs by Native Americans, some traditional, some contemporary. I’m part of a spring break mission team heading to Pine Ridge Reservation in early March, and earlier this evening a student and I presented a short talk (with accompanying audio tracks) on Lakota music. So tonight’s show is an expansion on that theme. Native Americans of all tribes have a rich heritage that’s often overlooked or outright suppressed. Here is some of their talent and beauty.palatki-672891_960_720

  1. Bill Miller (Mohican) – Dreams of Wounded Knee, from The Red Road, 2004
  2. Walela (Cherokee) – Cherokee Morning Song, from their self-titled album, 1997
  3. Frank Waln (Lakota) – My Stone, from the Born Ready EP, 2012
  4. A Tribe Called Red (Nipissing, Mohawk, & Cayuga) – Look At This, from their self-titled album, 2012
  5. U2 (Irish) – In God’s Country, from The Joshua Tree, 1987
  6. Earth Guardians (Aztec and more) – What the Frack, available on YouTube, 2013
  7. John Around Him (Lakota) – Start of First Pipe Song, from Lakota Ceremonial Songs, 1983
  8. The Mesa Music Consort (Latin-American) – Many Feathers Chant, from Spirit Feathers, 1997
  9. Indigenous (Nakota) – Free Yourself, Free Your Mind, from Featuring Mato Nanji, 2012
  10. Joanne Shenandoah (Oneida) – The Great Law of Peace, from Peacemaker’s Journey, 2000
  11. Frank Waln (Lakota) – What Makes the Red Man Red, from his Soundcloud stream, 2015

If you’d like to contribute to the 2016 Lakota Spring Break Team, you may do so on our GoFundMe page.


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