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Music from the Women’s March on Washington

This evening we’re broadcasting music from the January 21st Women’s March on Washington. My family and I were shoulder to shoulder with thousands of others in a peaceful protest on the streets of our nation’s capitol. I heard the inspiring and provocative words of many speakers, and got to watch them on a large screen in front of us. What I found most moving, though, was the music. The mood and the movement inspired me to restart this show, knowing that the country is thirsting for inspiring music like this, and there are musicians and artists making it who need to be heard. I share that with you tonight, and promise to share more of these artists in the coming weeks.

ABC News has a video of the full event available on YouTube. You can watch it all, see the sea of pink caps, and hear everyone’s comments in full context. (Context is important.) Here are the start times of the musicians, (thanks to Emily Howald!)

4:06:17 (kinda)

I recently learned of MILCK’s performance of her song “Quiet” at the march, but didn’t get to see or hear it live while we were there. So this evening I shared her performance of it with GW Sirens and Capital Blend on Samantha Bee’s Full Frontal.

Where do you turn for inspiring music? Who are your favorite socially conscious musicians? Are there protest playlists you listen to? We’d love to hear them! And we’d be glad to share their music on our show.

Give Peace a Dance!

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