Last Week of Broadcasting Here!

Hello listeners,

First, I would like to thank all of you for your support given to myself and the rest of the staff here at OWU Radio. We’ve watched and listened to this station grow to exceed all the expectations. As of now, we have around 19 shows and more than 25 people on the total staff list with a regular scheduled program that has been running Monday thru Friday. The website has a new look and the station a new logo! We’ve had our technical hick-ups and worked out the audio issues and even figured out how to archive these shows for next Fall. It’s been an overwhelming semester and this week marks the last week OWU Radio will be broadcasting. Following the end of Thursday’s programs on April 30, we will be shutting down the station for the summer break until we go back on the air in August/September.

Continue to listen to us next semester and spread the word to everyone you know not only of our existence, but of slots for a radio show opening up to those interested come the beginning of Fall Semester! Thanks again, good luck on finals, and enjoy this last week of broadcasting from us.

Conor Golden, General Manager

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