Ladies and gentlemen, tell everyone you’ve ever known in your entire life that WE. ARE. BACK!!!

It is my distinct pleasure as the new General Manager for OWU Radio to formally announce that we will begin broadcasting on the web-waves once again on January 2015. In the meantime guys, go like our Facebook page and share it with your friends for more announcements and information to come.

The website, for right now, is a tribute to a work in progress! It’s got a new look and it’s information is being constantly updated including, most notably, the addition of a “Contact Us” page. I wanted to take this opportunity especially to tell all your musically inclined friends who have some recorded material to feel free to send it in to our mailing address or physically drop it off in Phillips Hall at the Dept. of Journalism mailboxes. You may be broadcasted on our music program come Spring Semester 2015!

We are also in the process of re-attaining our twitter account where, sadly, the information has been lost to time! Next up, advertisements for radio positions are being sent out to the student body in the OWU Daily within the week. Keep your eyes and email accounts open for some radio opportunities. Anyone can apply no matter experience level, major/minor, etc.

With all that said, I am also wanting to take this time to especially thank Dr. Paul Kostyu, our chair for the Dept. of Journalism, for his diligent work in making this station live, breathe, and eventually broadcast again to the community. I would also like to thank Jo Ingles, our Media Adviser, for her hard work and assistance in this endeavor. Lastly, congratulations to the new staff working onĀ The TranscriptĀ and good luck to everyone on finals in these coming weeks!

I am especially happy with the support I’ve received from students, faculty, and staff since attaining this position and hope that it continues and translates over to listeners come springtime. We are all excited for the future of this station and are ready for the next semester to start this thing up right. So, strap in and stay tuned for more!Conor Golden, General Manager

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