A heart and the word 'EARTH' in the dirt

Celebrating the Earth

On this auspicious and hopeful day when leaders from 160 countries gather to sign the most significant climate agreement we’ve ever proposed as a species, Dancing for Change radio honors the planet we live on. Some of the songs are cautionary, some celebratory, spanning 45 years.

Happy Earth Day 2016!

Song Title Artist Album Year
Down to Earth (feat. The Soweto Gospel Choir) Peter Gabriel WALL-E Soundtrack 2008
Will There Be Enough Water? The Dead Weather Horehound 2009
If A Tree Falls Bruce Cockburn Big Circumstance 1988
Eyes Wide Open Gotye Making Mirrors 2011
Nature’s Way Spirit Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus 1970
Don’t Go Near the Water Johnny Cash Ragged Old Flag 1974
Mercy Mercy Me (the Ecology) Marvin Gaye What’s Going On 1971
Big Yellow Taxi Joni Mitchell Ladies of the Canyon 1970
Shapes of Things The Yardbirds Shapes of Things Single 1966
One World The Police Ghost in the Machine 1981
Earth Day Charity and the JAMband Earth 2016
Back To The Earth Jason Mraz YES! 2014
A heart and the word 'EARTH' in the dirt

Happy Earth Day!
Flickr photo by Kate Ter Har

…and here’s the refrain of a relevant song I wrote back in the ’90s:

’cause we’re always lyin’ on the earth,
always crawlin’ on the earth,
always sittin’ on the earth,
always standing on the earth,
always walking on the earth,
always runnin’ on the earth,
always leapin’ on the earth,
always dancin’ on the earth,
She’s the one mother we never get weaned from.

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