(Dancing for) Change playlist, Oct. 8

The theme for last night’s show was CHANGE. The trees are changing colors. The weather is changing more frequently than usual. And we’re dancing for change.

  • Dawn of a New Century, by Secret Garden, on Dawn of a New Century, 1999
  • The Cross of Changes, by Enigma, on The Cross of Changes, 1993
  • Changes, by David Bowie, on Hunky Dory, 1971
  • A Change is Gonna Come, by Ben Sollee, on Learning to Bend, 2008
  • Change the World, by Eric Clapton, on the Phenomenon Soundtrack, 1996
  • Waiting On the World to Change, by John Mayer, on Continuum, 2006
  • We Never Change, by Coldplay, on Parachutes, 2000
  • Different Drum, by Bill Miller, on Reservation Road, 2000
  • Change Myself, by Todd Rundgren, on 2nd Wind, 1991
  • Man in the Mirror, by Michael Jackson, on Bad, 1987
  • Diferente, by Gotan Project, on LunĂ¡tico, 2006


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