Monthly Archives: April 2015

New Perspectives

This week our Dancing for Change radio show takes a look at new perspectives. April 23rd is the anniversary of both New Coke and the very first video uploaded to YouTube. We also honor the faith that makes all things new. We will be playing new music by Reba McEntire, […]


Why is a swan most often used to illustrate grace or gracefulness? Why not a peacock? Or a heron? How about dancing humans? This week, we explored various facets of grace, from the absence of it in Lasse Pour Quoi to just holding it together. The titles were: Title Artist […]

Just Dancin’ Like Fools

Our Dancing for Change¬†radio show is on the air now. This week we’re just having fun and moving our feet, keeping the beat, and repeat. Tracks by¬†Tinariwen from northern Mali,¬†Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd St Rhythm Band, Namast√© from France, ¬†Ani Difranco,¬†Gustavo Montesano¬†from Argentina, Will Ackerman, and more.

Pardon the dust…

Our website has been through some bumps going from its previous theme to what you see now. We hope you like it! Tell us what you think. We’re also in the process of starting up planning meetings. If you’re interested in helping out in any way, please let us know […]