Take Classical Art This Fall!

by Dr. Carol Neuman de Vegvar

ART 341: Classical Art is an Ancient Studies core class exploring the visual culture of the Mediterranean world from c. 2100 BCE to c. 400 CE. It covers the Neolithic Cycladic culture to the Bronze Age Minoans and Mycenaeans, the Greeks from their earliest art to classical Athens and the Hellenistic empire, the Etruscans in Italy, the Romans across Europe and the wider Mediterranean world, and finally the transformations of late antiquity. The course will consider the roles of art and architecture in these cultural contexts and their links to neighboring traditions and societies, as well as the evolving technologies of construction/production that supported the development of new art forms. Prerequisite: ART 110, or by permission of instructor. All Ancient, Medieval, and Renaissance majors and minors are most welcome to take the course, as are students with a background or interest in classical history, culture, languages or literature. For a waiver of the prerequisite, contact Prof. Carol Neuman de Vegvar (cndevegv@owu.edu).

Cover image: Erechtheum Acropolis in Athens, courtesy of Jebulon, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

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Jenna Nahhas was the 2022-2023 student editor of The Trident. She is majoring in Creative Writing with a double-minor in Medieval Studies and Studio Art. Her current historical/geographical obsession is the Mediterranean, and she desperately wants to visit the mountains of Lebanon. If you find her three black teas in and muttering about comic books and early 80s Canadian sketch comedy to a squirrel, just know that you found her on a good day.

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