Farewell for the Summer

The Line, OWU Radio, will be off-line for the summer, while students are off to various and sundry destinations. Look for its return in late August with new and old programming. Have a great break, and let music influence your…

Firefox and IE

Hey everyone, we’ve heard that Firefox and Internet Explorer don’t like our main player. If it’s not playing music for you, check out one of our other players, in our Ways to Listen page.

Firefox problems?

We’re getting reports that our radio player isn’t working on Firefox. Hang in there, Firefox users — we’ll get it fixed as soon as we can. In the mean time, we suggest another browser, or go to our “How to…

Having Problems Connecting?

Hey everyone, It seems people are having problems connecting to the shows tonight. We’re working on getting those fixed as fast as we can, but in the mean time, check for more ways to tune in!

Audtion Shows!

Hey everyone thanks for listening this week to our audition shows! If you are just tuning in there is a link up at the top labeled “Feedback” if you could give that a click and select the DJ you are…

The D-B Vault is Opening!

Alex D-B is test-running his show “Music from the D-B Vault” tonight at 9! Tell your friends and tune in to hear great tracks and talk from veteran host Alex!

Oh No, Here They Go!

Oh no close the door Shut the lights and start the show Better let everybody know Get on the mic and there they go! –Linkin Park Linkin Park might not have sick beats, but Newt Kimberly and Zain Khan do,…