Producer(s) Wanted

We're seeking someone to produce the annual event...

Earthdance Ohio is seeking one or more persons to head up production of the annual event. They will be working to support a great cause in a fabulous way–promoting peace and justice through music and dance! They will step into a position with a nine-year history of global connections and plenty of local resources. They will receive mentoring and coaching from folks who have long been involved.

Earthdance Ohio posters from 2009-'16
Nine years of Earthdance Ohio

It is a volunteer position, but it pays the high wages–hugs and high-fives, expressions of gratitude, and the satisfaction of knowing that you’re making a positive difference in the world. Plus, this work goes great on a resumé! It would be a fantastic opportunity for a college student with initiative.

Please contact us with questions and interest. And give peace a dance!

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