Earthdance Global 19

We’re Official for Another Year!

Long-Awaited Good News, Everyone…

Earthdance Ohio has registered as a official Earthdance Global event for 2015!
gc_logoGreen Columbus has graciously agreed to be the beneficiary charity at the event. They’re dedicated to promoting sustainable living in central Ohio by providing meaningful forums, raising awareness and encouraging local action. This fits squarely into this year’s theme of Awakening. Working with community leaders, nonprofits and businesses, they organize the largest Earth Day volunteer service project in the nation! Building on the success of Earth Day in 2007, Green Columbus has engaged the central Ohio community to contribute more than 69,000 hours of citizen “green” service.

We still have much to do in preparation for this year’s event. If you can help out, please let us know.

Earthdance Global 19

Earthdance Global Peace Party 19
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