It’s Official!

Earthdance Delaware has just registered as an official Earthdance 2014 event.

And our charity this year, to honor their efforts to transform Delaware for the better, is Andrews House. Founded in 1993, this¬†multifaceted community services center is “…a place for hospitality, healing, and education and to advocate for individuals and families in the community. It is a safe place of acceptance, where people meet, learn, find solutions, overcome differences and achieve wholeness.‚ÄĚ

As you can see on their website, Andrews House is home to six small social service agencies.  It also provides office space for a church and house two small service-oriented businesses.

When this many help-giving agencies are in close proximity, referrals are easier, costs can be shared, programs can be cross-promoted, and peer support is more likely to occur.  This is a kind of synergy that many for-profit entities seek in their operations.

Andrews House also supports eight programs separate from those of its resident partners including free meals, free legal advice, and a medical clinic.

As you can imagine, many of the things they do¬†produce some heartwarming moments.¬†¬†With our resident partners and our largely volunteer-based programs, they¬†are able to live out its¬†mission of ‚ÄúPeople Strengthening People.‚ÄĚ

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