Peterson Test Prep Website Now Available for FREE!

Peterson Test Prep services are now available online to ALL students for free! The site includes a number of test prep services, including Graduate Admission Exams preparation. This service is being made available to students through funding provided to the University Libraries from the Wesleyan Council for Student Affairs (WCSA).

*Peterson Test Prep website is listed on the library A-Z list. The permalink is:
*Students will need to create an account with Peterson to use the site/test prep materials.
*The website allows for unlimited users so this is a significant upgrade from the single print test prep copies that are currently on reserve. Additionally, you can access the test prep materials online from anywhere, at any time!
*Feel free to contact the University Libraries at if you have questions or need help accessing the site.

OWU Sponsoring Organization/Office: Wesleyan Council for Student Affairs (WCSA)
Contact: Brad Pulcini at