Faculty/Staff News & Events

Sep 112019

Making time to exercise can be hard. Did you know that dancing can burn 200 calories an hour? Everyone needs a break, so next time you’re feeling stressed, why not de-stress through dance? Have fun, be healthy, and dance like no one is watching. OWU Sponsoring Organization/Office: Bishop Wellness. Contact: Lindsay Mauter at lamauter@owu.edu

Sep 112019

The September 2019 live webinars are open to all institutional employees, are posted to the Live Webinar Lounge (www.tiaa.org/webinars) and are available for registration. In addition to the Financial Essentials topics, the September webinar line-up includes several great specialty topics outlined below. Market-proof your retirement: In retirement—and the years leading up to it—protecting your savings becomes just as (READ MORE)

Sep 102019

Information Services is pleased to announce our Technical Training program for Fall 2019! You can find the workshop schedule and more at http://owu.edu/ISProfDev. There will be sessions this semester focusing on BigTree CMS, the Blackboard Ultra view, Google Calendar, spreadsheets, BishopMail, BishopApps, Degree Audit and Starfish. Also, NEW this semester, we’re introducing The Trainer is IN: (READ MORE)