OWU Cooking Matters

The OWU Cooking Matters program offers classes and events where participants learn how to eat healthy, cook and grocery shop on a limited budget. We offer one-time events at farmers markets, food pantries, and community meals, and our centerpiece is a 6-week class series that can be tailored toward adults, families, or children, and consists of six two-hour lessons.


At each class in our 6-week series, participants will receive take-home food, which they can use at home to practice a recipe they learned in class. The class series also includes:

  • Participatory food preparation that provides cooking and food safety instruction
  • Engaging nutrition activities and discussions
  • Practice with food budgeting
  • Interactive grocery store visit and $10 challenge
  • Recipe book for use at home
  • Certificate of completion


Our class series is taught throughout the community, including but not limited to community centers, churches, and schools.  

We partner with Local Matters of Columbus Ohio in the administration of our program, and are part of Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign. We are proud members of the Delaware County Hunger Alliance, and our programming is generously supported by the United Way of Delaware County’s Collective Impact Grant, and the Cooking Matters national sponsor, WalMart.