Archived Bite! Lectures

Tuesday, November 6 2012: Dr. Walter Willett
Diet and Health: A Progress Report

Friday, November 2 2012: Ben Hewitt
The Future’s In the Dirt: Digging Into Regional Food Systems and Their Potential to Restore Economies, Communities, Environment, and Health.

Thursday, November 1 2012: Avesta Saaty
Kurdish Roots: The Role of Food in Keeping Cultural Traditions Alive When a Nation Has No Country to Call Its Own

Tuesday, October 30 2012: Dr. Abram Kaplan
What You See is What You Get: Getting the Picture of Food and Art

Wednesday, October 10 2012: Panel Discussion
Making Local Work In Ohio: Production, Promotion, and Entrepreneurship in the Local Food System

Monday, October 8 2012: Kelly Klein
A Look at Midwestern Commercial Farming and How Monsanto Company’s Seed Business Contributes to Agriculture

Monday, Oct. 1 2012: Dr. Anjali Bhatia
Constitution of Childhood and Youth in Fast Food Eating Out Culture: Global-Local Dynamics in India 

Wednesday Sept. 26th 2012: Dr. Sinan Koont
Cuba Embraces Agro-Ecology

Monday Sept. 17th 2012: Florence Reed
Sustainable Farming for Food Security

Thursday Sept. 13th 2012: Panel Discussion
Why is Food Important?  Food Across the Disciplines at Ohio Wesleyan University

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