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Spring 2014 project:

Reviews of exhibit B:
Delaware Ohio Recreational Trails: To provide much needed green spaces and alternate transportation. To create bike paths that connect destinations throughout the city of Delaware. Proposed ideas based on best routes, that were safe and thoughtful.

Mapping Ambivalence: To deal with conflict that comes up from recreation path projects. Examines the NIMBY (not in my backyard) phenomena. Helps to project how to deal with this conflicts.

Project mapping: To show green spaces and projections for planning.

Thoughts on Project For Spring 2014:

I would like to be part of the Delaware Run Restoration and Monitoring project. If that one has too many participants then I also find Heat Islands in Central Ohio & Environmental Effects project fascinating.

Project 2: Delaware Run Restoration and Monitoring

I think this one would be very interesting to work on, however I am not sure about the availability of the contacts. It would be great to add to the existing information that has been gathered. The resources are a great start.

Additional Thought:

I am not sure if it could be done, but I think a great project idea would be to map student traffic patterns and try and provide better flow across the roads on campus. With the increase of accidents involving students I think it would be interesting to try and provide better access to campus building and provide high alert areas based on distractions and other factors that lead to this unfortunate occurrences. I personally live on the corner of Spring and Liberty where I witness a near hit close to daily. It would be a good project if it saves someone’s life.