Hello All,

My name is Max and I am a 39 year old sophomore attending OWU in hopes of getting a Planetary Science degree. I have lots of life experiences and have been around the block a few times. I decided about two years ago to turn down a position as a national for Bonefish Grill, so I could pursue a lifelong dream of learning more about the universe we live in. I moved to Delaware and fell in love with Ohio Wesleyan immediately. A lot of my friends know me as Phoenix, as it was my DJ name for about six years and I also use the name in just about every video game I play, from Eve online to Minecraft. I consider myself to be very approachable and friendly, so if you ever want to know something just ask. I take my education very seriously so I will be the guy that asks a lot of questions, sorry. I have a deep connection with music and enjoy most genres from progressive house to alternative styles. I am very passionate about many things but my biggest love is my dog Loki, a German Sheppard/Lab mix. You will probably see me walking him at least once this semester. I am also very excited about a new venture starting in mid February, as I have been hired on as a bartender/server at Son of Thurman. I look forward to hearing more about all my classmates.

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