W F 26: Delaware Data Inventory

Delaware_2008 and 2010 Ponds and Lakes (Ponds and lakes in Delco, was cool to see more in 2010)

Delaware_Address_Pts ( All the points where addresses are in Delaware)

Delaware_Annexations (Best guess is that this is land that was annexed by Delaware county from other cities, like Columbus, Delaware, Scioto or maybe areas that were annexed by those places)

Delaware_Archeological (Points in Delaware county of Archeological importance)

Delaware_Bench_Marks (GPS Benchmark coordinates throughout Delaware county)

Delaware_Building Outlines (Outlines of buildings in Delaware county)

Delaware_ Census_Biock (Population living within a census block)

Delaware_ Census_BiockGroup (Larger group of blocks for measuring population)

Delaware_ Census_ Tract (Looks the same as above but different color)

Delaware_Economic Development Layers (Shows different type of residential development, Two layers do not seem to make sense, not sure what they are)

Delaware_Farmlots (shows farm areas in Delaware county)

Delaware_Floodplain_1OOyr (100yr flood data)

Delaware_Floodplain_500yr (500 yr flood Data, shows area that would be effected)

Delaware_Floodplain_2009 (Have no idea why the whole map is pink? but think it is showing a flooding area of 2009)

Delaware_Floodways (Shows the major flood pathways)

Delaware_Historical_Local (Historical spots for Delaware or Ohio)

Delaware_Historicai_National (National Historic Sites)

Delaware_Hydro (Major bodies of water in Delaware, Great for our project)

Delaware_Hydro_Detail (Major bodies of water, including some ponds, and a freehand sketch of Delaware Run)

Delaware_Landmarks (Landmarks in Delaware)

Delaware_Master Point Coverage (I think this shows where all man made structures are in Delaware county, because there are many different types of structures)

Delaware_Municipalities (shows the different municipalities in Delco)

Delaware_Natural_Heritage_ ODNR ( Nature Sites? Points on the map)

Delaware_ Orthophoto _Detailed_2010 (Ariel photo of north and south Delaware county)

Delaware_Parcels (Parcels for Delco. Great for all projects to find additional data)

Delaware_Parks (Parks in Delaware, might be useful for bird projects)

Delaware_Places of Interest (as it implies, places of interest from police, to cemeteries, used this for hospitals)

Delaware_Precincts (Voting Precincts)

Delaware_Public Land Survey System ( I have no clue what this is, looks like polygon shapes in blue, no info in attributes other than coordinates)

Delaware_Railroad (railroads in Delco, good for projects that need some distinct visual clues to where the location is)

Delaware_Road_Center_Line (Center line of road, good for visual clues on maps)

Delaware_Road_RightOfWay (Shows roads that have Right of Way)

Delaware_School_Districts ( Shows regional school districts)

Delaware_Soils (Soil map for Delaware county, will be useful in Delaware Run project)

Delaware_Subdivision (all the subdivisions in Delco)

Delaware_ TaxDist (Tax ID for local taxes)

Delaware_ Topography (All the township’s topography for Delaware county)

Delaware_ Townships (The different townships in Delaware County)

Delaware_ Townships_Historical (Guessing historic names of the townships)

Delaware_ Watersheds_ ODNR (All the watersheds in Delaware county, how the water drains)

Delaware_ Wetlands (Shows Delaware county wetlands, which we hope to add to with our project)

Delaware_ Woodland_ ODNR (wooded areas)

Delaware_Zip_Codes ( Shows all the different zip codes in Delco)

Delaware_Zoning (Think this might be broken just a big square)

Ohio Wesleyan Parcels (OWU Land)

Watershed-Scioto (Watershed for the Scioto River)

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