W F 19: Tutorial ch. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Chap. 3:

Displaying map data:

Worked in ArcMap: Basic concept was to learn layers and general settings.

Basic Navigation

Basic Searches and finding distances.

In this chapter we began working with attribute tables.

Learned basics of sorting and selecting features.

Chap. 4:

Used ArcMap to create a thumbnail graphic.

at step 25 had a crash.

Learned how to add data to a map.

Extended abilities with map layers.

created a finished map with legend.

Chap. 5:

Skipped this section on Online resources. (due to time restraints with work and midterms.

Chap. 6:

Teaches how to work with coordinate systems.

Importance of spatial data.

Chap. 7:

Teaches how to change symbols, colors, and additional layer options.

Found out how to add layers from attributes and create new layers.

Chap. 8:

works on classifying features and mapping densities.

Chap. 9:

Labeling features and using graphic labels.

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