New Resource Alert – Global Environmental Justice Documentaries

This curated collection of 29 documentaries aims to present “under-reported stories of human rights and environmental protection issues in Asia and North America.” In addition to covering a variety of subjects, each documentary is accompanied by a teaching guide, created by the same faculty responsible for curating the collection (Whittier, Yale, Brandeis and NYU Shanghai).

Other highlights of this particular collection include:

  •         Ability to integrate content into Blackboard or provide permalinks links
  •         Ability to create playlists and clips
  •         Closed captioning (for most titles)
  •         Synchronized transcripts
  •         Video markups for class presentations
  •         New content added periodically

Please note that licensing of this collection covers use in-class and for other closed-campus events.These films cannot be shown or advertised outside the OWU learning community.

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