New Issue of Eight Bits: OH5 Digital Scholarship News

The latest issue of Eight Bits, the digital newsletter for the Ohio 5 with news and updates on issues related to digital scholarship relevant to the the Five Colleges of Ohio, is now available.


This issue includes a nod to a new project led by OWU religion professor Dr. David Eastman. This project will involve the development of a web-based interface that will allow students and researchers to explore times and locations at which we have documentation of early Christian persecutions. The project will be tied to Dr. Eastman’s honors course looking at early Christian martyrdom and persecution.

For any students interested in religion and technology, we are currently seeking a student assistant to help develop the website for this project and to eventually offer technical guidance to students in Dr. Eastman’s honors course who will be populating the site with their original research. Interested students can view details and apply here: