Libraries Celebrate Faculty and Student Scholarship


Faculty members recognized for their scholarship during the 2014 Celebration of Scholarship.
Photo credit: John Holliger

The OWU Libraries recognized over forty faculty members for their scholarly contributions during last week’s 2014 Celebration of Scholarship. Publications from a broad range of disciplines were on display during the event. The official bibliography is available online in OWU’s Digital Collections.

Director of Libraries Catherine Cardwell also recognized each of the 18 students who submitted papers for the 2014 research award.


Students who submitted papers for the 2014 OWU Libraries Research Award.
Photo credit: John Holliger


Carolyn Thompson took first place for her work titled “The Murder of Maria Elena Moyano: How Sendero Luminoso’s Brutal War on Civilian Social Programs Triggered its Own Destabilization”. This well-written winning paper demonstrated a thoughtful and thorough research process.

For the second year in a row, the Libraries recognized a runner-up. Matthew Jamison’s paper “‘There’s No Business Like Show Business’: Male Sex Workers Performing Power and Control” was awarded second place. The judges were equally impressed with his writing and felt Jamison’s research demonstrated significant promise.


Director of Libraries Catherine Cardwell (center) with 2014 OWU Libraries Research Award winners Matthew Jamison (left) and Carolyn Thompson (right).
Photo credit: John Holliger