Upcoming Library Workshop for Faculty: Search All – A Summon Workshop

Workshop: Search All – A Summon Workshop
Location: The ICEcube in Beeghly Library
Dates: Friday, October 11, 2013 & Wednesday, October 23, 2013
Time: Noon
Register: Space is limited so register early by contacting Bonnie Mahle at bhmahle@owu.edu

The libraries will be offering a series of noon faculty workshops this fall, and the first of these will be focused on Summon, the search engine behind the new All search box on the library’s home page. The workshop is intended for faculty who would like to learn more about Summon and how and when to suggest it to students for their assignments.

Boxed lunches will be provided to those in attendance.


Summon is an interdisciplinary discovery service that offers access to books, ebooks, articles, multimedia, government publications and lots of other materials from a single search box. It searches CONSORT, the majority of our full-text databases, and several of OWU’s unique local collections.

The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • The basics: What is Summon?
  • How Summon is different from databases
  • How Summon complements OWU’s suite of research tools like CONSORT, research databases, and RefWorks
  • Ways Summon can help you with your own research

Workshops will be held in the ICEcube on the first floor of Beeghly Library. The lCEcube is the new glass group study room designed to support small group active learning, collaborative work, seminars, and presentations.

The Libraries will also be leading workshops on Copyright and Fair Use and Digital Scholarship later this fall. Details are available on the library’s website, and announcements will be posted to the OWU Daily closer to the scheduled dates.