Ohio Wesleyan Female College (OWFC)

Did you know there was a separate Ohio Wesleyan Female College (OWFC) from 1853-1877? Come to the second floor of Beeghly Library to see the display created by Special Collections staff. The Female College was located at the west end of Winter Street near the current Sanborn Hall. The school was first housed in the “Little Mansion” (no longer exists). As the result of a gift from student Mary Monnett, a new building opened in 1859. Monnett Hall housed the College until the formal union of the all-male Ohio Wesleyan University and the Ohio Wesleyan Female College in 1877. Following union, Monnett Hall served as a dormitory for women. The building was declared unsafe in 1968 and demolished in 1978.

The Ohio Wesleyan Female College had both a Preparatory School and a collegiate program. The Classical collegiate course took four years, while the Scientific collegiate course took three years.

OWFC timelines and articles about the history of higher education for women in the 19th century are available near the display. More images and digital artifacts related to Monnett Hall can be found in the DRC