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Well, I am now officially a junior here at OWU. People always say that these years fly by and as frightening as it is to admit it, they’re right. I never would have guessed that Delaware, OH would feel as comfortable as my home back in Colorado. There is something about the people here and the bonds we share that give this school such a feeling of home. My sister, Cory, is also starting here college journey as a freshman at the College of Saint Mary’s in Omaha. Her school is pretty different from OWU so it is interesting to compare stories. She is on her way to becoming a phenomenal OT. Cole, our brother, is a sophomore in high school. He’s an amazing soccer player and his future is incredibly bright. My parents are both as supportive and brilliant as a girl could ask for. My hooligan of a dog, Dodger, has recently taken it upon himself to welcome (and by welcome I mean lick-to-death) our little kitten, Lincoln. They get along pretty well until Dodger sits on the cat. Then things get hairy.

I’m still pretty involved here on campus. I’m playing field hockey and participate in Athletes in Action, P.H.A.T (Peer Health Advocate Team), O.W.A.C (Ohio Wesleyan Athletic Council), Neurds Club (Neuroscience), and Circle K. The amount of people I’ve met through these organizations and the wonderful experiences I’ve had make the tight schedule worth it. Who needs sleep?

I’ve learned more in my two years at Ohio Wesleyan than I would have ever thought possible. Some of the lessons are more helpful than others. Like, for example, just because you can eat a tube of cookie dough doesn’t mean you should. The readings your professors assign are actually crucial and will provide you with answers to questions you didn’t know you had. There are areas of study that you have never heard of and your dream job may lie within that field. Do not leave serious studying until the last minute. And no matter where you go, listen to the stories of others. They have been places and seen things that you never will. Learn from them. Through this you will become a better person.

This blog was created so that I would be able to share my college adventures with all of you, whether you’re alumni or prospective students or students who currently go here or people just wanting to hear about the life of a young woman in college. These are my stories, my failings and my successes, my achievements and my discoveries. And I am here to help answer your questions. These are some of the most enjoyable years of our lives. If I can help keep it that way, let me know. I’m here for you.

Stay classy, stay inquisitive, stay brave.

Yours truly,

Karson Stevenson

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  1. Karson, I just found this blog and I think it’s a really neat idea. Hope you’re enjoying your break! See you around OWU.

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