The final stretch

Happy late Earth Day everyone! If you forgot to celebrate today, try to be extra green tomorrow. That does not mean wear a green shirt or a hat with a tree on it. You can do so if you wish, but also try to recycle everything you use for an entire day. Turn the lights off when you leave a room and use natural light whenever you can. Turn off the water when you are brushing your teeth. Simple little things like that may not seem to make a huge difference but they do add up. If a single person takes a few steps in the right direction, progress has been made.

On a related note, WOW! What completely amazing weather we’ve had the last few days! Sunny with a cool breeze and a blue sky? I almost forgot I was in Ohio for a while there…in the best way possible! This Sunday I was fortunate enough to go with one of my roommates and her boyfriend to his home in Polaris. A few of his relatives also came to visit and we had a wonderful meal and I learned a new card game. It was so nice to be able to spend the special day with such kind people. We were even able to take his dogs to a dog park! There were so many dogs that I almost couldn’t handle the sudden overload of adorable furry creatures.

I hate being the bearer of bad news but finals are fast approaching. For those of you in high school, you still have a bit of time. And for those of you lucky enough to have graduated on to the adult world, breathe a sigh of relief. As for the rest of us college goers, get ready to buckle down and straighten up. There is no better way to go into summer than with a successful week of finals far, far behind you. As much as it may pain you, it’d be helpful to start getting your materials gathered and ready. May the odds be ever in your favor and never forget, luck favors the prepared.

I’m off to finish some papers and study for my own exams so best of luck everyone! I hope the rest of your week goes smoothly and that wherever you are there will be a bright blue sky above you.


Karson Stevenson

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